What is Tsunami?

  • TSUNAMI coatings utilize the latest in Nano
    Ceramic Technology designed to provide
    maximum protection, prolong the life of
    paint and gel coat, and greatly enhance the
    appearance of painted surfaces.

  • TSUNAMI’S industry leading paint revitalization
    process removes years of oxidation and paint
    defects that greatly improves the gloss level and
    depth of color and properly prepares the surface
    to receive a TSUNAMI nano ceramic coating.

  • TSUNAMI coatings molecularly bond to the
    painted surface that when fully cured gives
    treated surfaces maximum protection against
    the elements and an increased level of gloss and
    depth of color.

  • TSUNAMI coatings are neither a polish nor a
    wax. TSUNAMI coatings are very hard, durable,
    high heat resistant Nano Ceramic Coatings that
    last for years.

  • TSUNAMI coatings add an additional sacrificial
    barrier between the painted surface and harmful
    contaminants such as UV rays, dirt, grime, salt,
    fuel, insect impacts, bird droppings, and acid

  • TSUNAMI coatings were developed through
    years of R&D, laboratory testing, real world
    testing and have been installed on hundreds of
    vehicles to ensure that TSUNAMI coatings are the
    best performing coatings in the industry.

  • TSUNAMI coatings offer the vehicle owner the
    best manufacturer warranties in the industry that
    guarantee the performance of our coatings when
    installed by a TSUNAMI Certified Installation
    Center. These warranties also have extension
    provisions and transfer provisions provided
    certain conditions of the warranties are met.
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Lindstrom's Auto Detailing


Benefits of Tsunami?

TSUNAMI protects vehicle paint adding a hard, durable barrier between the painted surface and harsh contaminants of the environment. The product molecularly bonds to thepainted
surface and when cured creates a durable finish that lasts for years.
TSUNAMI’S industry leading paint revitalization process removes years of oxidation and contaminants to restore the vehicle’s appearance while negating the high cost of repainting the vehicle, vessel or aircraft. Vehicles that are treatedwith a TSUNAMI high performance coating can extend the life of the paint and defer
repainting costs for up to 7+ years depending on the coating selected.
TSUNAMI coatings reduce cleaning expenses by repelling contaminants like dirt, grime, oil, salt, sand and bugs. The vehicle will stay cleaner longer resulting in reduced cleaning costs.
TSUNAMI coatings significantly enhance the vehicle’s appearance by vastly improving gloss levels and depth of color.

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Benefits of Tsunami?

TSUNAMI offers the best performing nano ceramic coatings in the industry with longevities from 1+ year to 7+ years:
TSUNAMI 1.0 is a highly advanced nano ceramic technology sprayable express coating that is hard and extremely durable, superhydrophobic, heat resistant, chemical resistant and scratch resistant.
This express coating has a longer working time which allows for a safer and easier installation.
TSUNAMI 1.0 produces an excellent gloss finish which is easy to maintain with a longevity of 1+ years.
TSUNAMI 4.0 is a clear nano ceramic formulation providing an additional protective layer that protects against harmful UV rays, oxidation, dirt, grime, oil, salt, sand, bird droppings, insect impacts and acid rain. TSUNAMI 4.0 reache's 9H
Hardness with one installation, withstands heat in excess of 1800F, is super hydrophobic and scratch resistant. TSUNAMI 4.0 produces an exceptional
level of gloss and depth of color with a
longevity of 4+ years.
TSUNAMI 7.0 utilizes the latest nano ceramic technology molecularly designed to achieve the highest standards in hardness, durability, surface protection and longevity.
TSUNAMI 7.0 provides a barrier of maximum protection between the painted surface and harmful environmental contaminants such as UV rays, oxidation, dirt, grime, oil, chemicals, salt, sand, insect impacts, bird droppings and acid rain.
With 9H Hardness withstanding heat to 1800F, superior hydrophobicity, and a high level of scratch resistance TSUNAMI 7.0 consistently delivers a glass like finish without ever having to wax your vehicle
again. TSUNAMI 7.0 has a longevity of 7+ years.

Tsunami Performance

TSUNAMI warranties that the TSUNAMI coating installed on the exterior painted surfaces of a vehicle/vessel/aircraft by a TSUNAMI Certified Installation Center from dulling/loss of gloss/loss of color due to the appearance of oxidation from sun damage, damage caused by fallout contamination, bug impacts, bird droppings or acid rain.
Each warranty is specific as to what is covered and what is not covered, vehicle inspections and when they are required, Tsunami Certified Installation Center responsibilities, registered vehicle owner responsibilities, warranty claims procedure, warranty extension provisions and warranty transfer provisions.
All TSUNAMI Certified Installation Centers are responsible to become familiar with all TSUNAMI warranties and enforce the warranty conditions.
Every TSUNAMI coating installation is registered with TSUNAMI by the TSUNAMI Certified Installation Center and is registered with CarFax.

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